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Door Controllers

DC-2000 DC-2000 Speed Controller

This solid-state door controller will replace most popular DC door operator speed controls, either resistive or reactive. It is compatible with field type motors and today's popular permanent magnet motors.

Enhanced speed, torque, braking, and field controls allow the DC-2000 to adapt to the widest range of power requirements.

Special circuitry provides capability for a wide range of control voltages.

ASC Auxiliary Speed Control

The OPTIONAL ASC will allow remote triggering of an auxiliary set of speed and torque controls when the car is on a floor with oversized or heavy doors.

DC-6970/DC-244 DC-6970 Model

Field voltage settings: 105 VDC or 160 VDC for door operators with lower voltages

Replaces reactance type of door controllers

DC-244 Model

Field voltage settings: 160 VDC or 225VDC for door operators with higher voltages

Replaces resistance type of door controllers


  • Selectable field voltage and work with field and permanent magnet motors

  • Four door speed adjustments in each direction, including soft start and nudge for smoother operation.

Proudly Made in the USA

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