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TPV Series

TPV Series Powerful industrial inverters designed specifically for traction elevator applications.

The units contain an integrated contactor for isolating the elevator system from the building power system during emergency power mode. The three-phase output of the TPV simulates normal power during a power outage, allowing rescue of passengers who would otherwise be trapped in a traction elevator.

The elevator car will rise or lower to an available floor and open the doors.

This is done by supporting normal functioning of the controller and door motors, as well as by providing power for the traction brake solenoids and power to the traction motor for movement of the elevator at inspection speed.

R&R's products are sold through independent elevator contractors and major elevator manufacturers (OEMs.) They can be installed in new and existing elevator applications.

Automatically Activates During a Power Failure

Enough Power to Easily Energize
  • Elevator Controller
  • VF Drive
  • Brakes
  • Door Controller (for single or bi-parting doors)

Additional Information

The Traction Elevator Power Return System automatically activates during a power failure. The elevator car will rise or lower to an available floor and open the doors. This eliminates any entrapment of passengers.

  • Voltage is three-phase 480 VAC or 400 VAC output that is compatible with elevator systems using these voltages. Power output of unit is 1 kVA to 4 kVA. This is enough power to easily energize the traction elevator controller, VF drive, brakes, and door motors.

  • 4 kVA of three-phase power in freight models can power the VF drives, bi-parting doors, and the controller.

  • All normal safeties stay in place by powering the complete controller.

  • Onboard three-phase power-loss detection circuit can be used independently or in conjunction with existing reverse phase relay in the elevator controller.

  • Diagnostic LED bank allows troubleshooting at a glance, saving time. Low battery light allows for quick maintenance monitoring.

  • Low battery cutoff circuitry protects batteries and unit from damage caused by excessive battery drainage. Built in battery switch is standard and meets local codes, such as California codes.

  • Overload and short-circuit detection on circuit board protects batteries and unit from damage caused by excessive battery current.

  • ON/OFF, Battery Disconnect, and main disconnect SAFETY switches allow maintenance work to be done safely and expedite periodic system checks. Unit is also compatible with auxiliary contacts built into the main disconnect.

  • Unit has sealed batteries included to provide maintenance-free power eliminating possibility of dangerous fume build up.

  • Unit is 24"H x 16"W x 10"D. The unit weighs less than 50 lbs., and up to 117 lbs. (maximum model weight) with the batteries installed.

  • Unit provides fully rated means of disconnecting elevator system from main power during emergency power mode.

  • Optional external contactor assembly provides enhanced configuration flexibility and improved ease of wiring. Contactor box is 12"H x 12"W x 4.5"D and weighs 10 lbs.

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