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RB2 Series

RB2E Series Compact inverters that are designed to be used with elevator controllers to prevent entrapment in the event of a loss of power.

The RB2E is a battery operated inverter in a fully enclosed case that provides flexibility for improved controller layout and accessibility.

Unit is designed to be installed on the wall next to the elevator controller.

Installation and connection times are greatly reduced, providing for a lower cost system and competitive advantage.

RB2 Series The RB2 is a battery operated inverter intended to be used as OEM equipment by controller manufacturers.

The compactness of the unit allows for mounting within the controller box, simplifying the installation and wiring.

Installation and connection times are greatly reduced, providing for a lower cost system and competitive advantage to the controller manufacturer.

Automatically Activates During a Power Failure

Emergency Return System
  • Keeping safety circuits intact.
  • Providing seamless controller valve and door operation.

Additional Information

  • Compact size - RB2E is 14"H x 13"W x 5.25"D; total weight is 42 lbs.

  • Compact size - RB2 is 8.5"H x 6.5"W x 6.5"D; total weight is 20 lbs. Unit is designed to be installed into the controller at the factory as a single entity or separated into sub-assemblies for better controller layout and accessibility.

  • Powers the entire controller, thereby keeping all safety circuits intact. When required, the unit will provide separate voltages for seamless controller, valve, and door operation. The unit can be triggered by a remote reverse phase relay in controller.

  • Up to 500 VA power output. Voltage output is automatically regulated to maintain controller stability. Units are available with 120 VAC, 208 VAC, and 240 VAC - with or without 260 VDC.

  • Switched 24 VDC which can be used for extra control functions. A set of dry contacts are built into the unit which may be used to signal the controller that it is under emergency power, aid in power transfer, or pilot other relays.

  • Circuit board connection to main disconnect contact will inhibit the unit during maintenance work, thereby preventing unexpected power going to the controller or valve.

  • Relay and rectifier isolation keep main and emergency power separated.

  • Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid batteries are trickle charged to prolong their life.

  • Sealed batteries eliminate possibility of dangerous fume build-up in controller.

  • Batteries, outputs, logic circuitry and battery charger are individually fused for extra protection.

  • ON/OFF and push-to-test switch on circuit board aids in routine diagnostic test and allows for safe maintenance work.

  • Low battery cutoff, and voltage regulation may be adjusted via adjustable resistors on the circuit board.

  • Single circuit board design and removable interface connectors allow simpler circuit board exchanges.

  • Indicators located on circuit board show low battery, battery charger and inverter activities.

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