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HFP Series

HFP Series Powerful industrial inverters designed specifically for hydraulic elevators.

The units contain relays for isolating the elevator system from the building power system during emergency power mode.

The three-phase output of the HFP simulates normal power during a power outage, allowing for rescue of passengers who would otherwise be trapped in the elevator.

The elevator car will lower to the appropriate floor and open the doors.

This is done by supporting normal functioning of the controller and motors.

Automatically Activates During a Power Failure

Emergency Return System
  • Keeping safety circuits intact.
  • Providing seamless controller valve and door operation.

Additional Information

  • Compact, wall mounted steel cabinet contains the electronic circuitry and batteries.

  • Automatic activation during power failure or brownout to lower hydraulic elevators and open doors at designated landing, eliminating any entrapment of passengers.

  • Up to 1500 VA power output. Three-phase 220 VAC or 480 VAC output facilitates compatibility with systems requiring 208 VAC, 220 VAC, 460 VAC, and 480 VAC, as well as three-phase door operators.

  • Freight models power bi-parting doors and the elevator controller.

  • All safeties stay in place by powering the complete controller.

  • Onboard three-phase power-loss detection circuit can be used independently or in conjunction with existing reverse phase relay in the elevator controller.

  • Field-adjustable operation timer allows installer to set operating time between 1.5 and 8 minutes.

  • Low battery cutoff circuitry protects batteries and unit from damage caused by excessive battery drainage.

  • Internal current limiting and fused protection. Overload and short-circuit detection on circuit board protects batteries and unit from damage caused by excessive battery current.

  • Diagnostic LED bank allows troubleshooting at a glance, saving time.

  • Built-in dry contacts and switched 24 VDC expands available signals allowing field engineer to customize installation.

  • ON/OFF, Battery Disconnect, and main disconnect SAFETY switches aid in routine diagnostic tests and allow for safe maintenance work.

  • Unit is 12.5"H x 16.75"W x 9"D (maximum model size.) The unit weighs less than 35 lbs., and up to 55 lbs. (maximum model weight) with the batteries installed.

  • Maintenance-free, sealed lead-acid batteries are trickle charged for prolonged life. Sealed batteries eliminate the possibility of dangerous fume build-up.

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